Cowboys, Eagles being turned down says a lot about the Atlanta Falcons

If the report that the Cowboys and Eagles were turned down by Bill Belichick is true then it tells us a lot about how the league views the Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

We are in that time during the NFL season when you have no idea what to believe. Between searches for head coaches and the NFL Draft, there is a lot of trash you have to sort through when looking for credible reports and rumors.

You have to rely on reporters who have been connected to the NFL for a long time, like Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk. While he has been wrong in the past, his report about Bill Belichick setting his sights on the Atlanta Falcons, even with interest from the Cowboys and Eagles, does seem believable and it says a lot about how close this Falcons team is to competing.

Atlanta Falcons are the most desired destination for head coaches, possibly even over the playoff-making Eagles and Cowboys

Evaluating the most-desired destination amongst head coaching destinations can be fascinating. It isn't always the teams with the quarterback or who had the most success last season, there are so many factors—the overall talent of the team, draft picks, cap space, etc.

The Atlanta Falcons have all of those things and that gives them a leg-up on every other team.

Initially, analysts thought the Chargers (because of Justin Herbert) or the Commanders (Draft capital and cap space) would be the two jobs that coaches would want. However, the Falcons are getting the most attention from coaches.

Last week, Mike Florio reported that the recently-booted Eagles and Cowboys had interest in Bill Belichick but the feeling wasn't mutual. And, as we have all heard, Belichick went on to have his second interview with the Falcons.

Are we seeing the Atlanta Falcons—who haven't made the playoffs since 2017—being favored over the Eagles and Cowboys?

If we want to put all our trust in Florio, then that is the case. Now, of course, there have been reports since that have dispelled that rumor but there are few people in this world who know the truth.


Even if Florio is wrong, we can still assume that the Falcons are the top destination. Guys like Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh have already shown interest in this team, along with seemingly every NFL coordinator out there.

This is a great sign—to get the best, you have to convince the best and it seems like the Falcons have been doing just that. We will now have to wait and see who wins over Arthur Blank.

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