Do not believe the Trey Lance, Atlanta Falcons trade rumors for a second

Twitter is always buzzing with false reports and the latest rumor about Trey Lance and the Atlanta Falcons is exactly that
San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout
San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

If there is one thing that we have learned this offseason it is that the Atlanta Falcons are committed to young quarterback Desmond Ridder.

And if there is something else that we have learned it is that the media does not trust the former third-round pick as they continue to bury him and send out rumors that make absolutely no sense. The latest one is that the Falcons have a deal in place to bring Trey Lance to the south. Do me a favor, do not even give this a second thought.

The "rumor" that the Atlanta Falcons are going to trade for Trey Lance is undoubtedly false

The national media has had it out for the Atlanta Falcons this offseason. They have made blunt and backhanded comments about the team all offseason despite all the signs they have shown that they want to win.

It feels like these quarterback trade rumors are also low-blows to the organization. For some reason, people want to believe that the Falcons are desperately searching for a quarterback despite their constant commitment to Desmond Ridder.

The latest rumor that has drawn some buzz recently is that the Falcons have a deal in place to acquire QB Trey Lance from the 49ers for a conditional second-round pick.

This is completely fake, I guarantee it.

First of all, this user is acting like he is Ian Rapoport with his "BREAKING" comment. Usually when something is "BREAKING" it is about to be official in a matter of minutes. Yet here we are with no solid proof over two days later.

Also shoutout to Twitter for taking away verified users after they talked about their "commitment" to stopping fake news. Just a few months ago we would have been able to keep scrolling after we saw that this user didn't have a checkmark.

Anyways, just to make sure we are clear on this, the Falcons do not have a trade finalized with the 49ers.

Not to mention, can we really believe that the 49ers are eager to move on from the former second-overall pick? Lance was their quarterback going into last season and his season ended on an unfortunate injury. Brock Purdy stepped up but it could be a while before he plays again. And I don't know how they could be so convinced about Sam Darnold after he just barely entered the building.

All in all, Lance isn't coming to Atlanta barring an in-house disaster. And the person who tweeted that rumor also claimed that DeAndre Hopkins had a deal in place to sign with the Patriots—that was almost a month ago.