Does Michael Penix Jr. have any chance to start in 2024 for the Falcons?

Michael Penix Jr.'s only hope in starting in 2024 lies in the health of Kirk Cousins.
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Kirk Cousins was signed in March and Michael Penix Jr. was drafted in April. That combination of events has created quite an uproar across the country as people continue to wonder what the Falcons were thinking.

What they were thinking was the future. They were caught without a plan for the post-Matt Ryan days and they are hellbent on not letting the past repeat itself.

Michael Penix Jr. will be the starter once Kirk Cousins moves on. The Falcons have made it clear that Cousins will be the starter in week one. But, as we all know, things can change quickly in the NFL and anything can happen. Which begs the question, does Michael Penix Jr. have any shot at starting in 2024?

Michael Penix Jr.'s hopes of starting ride on the health of Kirk Cousins

The clear-cut answer to this question is yes, of course Michael Penix Jr. has a shot at starting in his rookie season. Nick Foles had hopes of starting for the Philadelphia Eagles while Carson Wentz was playing like an eventual MVP; look how things ended in that situation—Foles holding up a Lombardi Trophy.

Any player who makes a roster has hopes of starting, the real question is what is the likelihood of Penix starting?

That answer is more convoluted. I would say the odds are overwhelming in favor of Penix not seeing the field as a starter.

While Cousins is coming off of an Achilles tear, he has been remarkably healthy throughout his career. This was the first time he had ever had surgery which is hard to believe.

Sure, a tear of the Achilles when you are nearing 40 years old is not something you can take for granted but considering the motivation Cousins has and his stunning track record of health, it is more likely than not that he will be able to take the field each week.

And, outside of Cousins getting injured, I don't think Penix has a chance to start. Cousins has the experience and contract of a season-long starter. It would take a lot for Cousins to be benched for Penix in 2024—much more than Penix lighting it up in the preseason.


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