Draft results prove the Falcons will extend All-Pro CB A.J. Terrell

The Atlanta Falcons decision to not to draft a cornerback in the 2024 NFL Draft means we will see an A.J. Terrell extension soon.
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Without a doubt, everyone thought the Atlanta Falcons were going to take a cornerback at some point in the draft. We heard it straight from the team at one point, they were going to add a young cornerback to the fold.

However, eight picks went by without a single defensive back. We saw them draft a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and four front-seven players but no DBs were anywhere to be found.. Terry Fontenot went on to make some ironic comments after the draft concluded as to why the Falcons didn't draft a corner.

What this all points to is their trust in All-Pro cornerback A.J. Terrell who is due for a massive extension in the coming months.

The Atlanta Falcons' draft results signals toward an A.J. Terrell extension

After a rocky start to his NFL career, former first-round pick A.J. Terrell has become a lockdown corner for the Atlanta Falcons. He had a historic 2021 season and has followed it up with quality 2022 and 2023 campaigns.

Terrell is also heading into the fifth year of his rookie contract and if the Falcons don't sign him to an extension soon then they risk losing him next March. With how the NFL is built these days, having a corner like Terrell is a must.

The fact that the Falcons didn't draft a corner at all this year signals their faith that they are going to get a deal done. If they had any doubts they would have implemented a safety net by drafting a corner on day one or two.

Terry Fontenot has already discussed his desire to sign A.J. to a long-term deal and the same can be said about Raheem Morris who has always been A.J.'s biggest fan.

The Falcons would be foolish to let Terrell go. They invested a first-round pick in him four years ago and he has proven them right by being a shutdown corner. Outside of catching the ball, he has proven that he can do anything you ask of him. He has been a lockdown zone and man corner, he can get physical, he can tackle, and he can even lay the boom on unsuspecting ball carriers

If you are wondering what his contract might look like then check out the article linked below where I broke down the possible figures the Falcons would be dealing.

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