Terry Fontenot makes painfully ironic draft comment after Michael Penix Jr. pick

Fans are not going to like what Terry Fontenot had to say in his latest comments after the draft.
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There has been a lot of criticism going the way of the Atlanta Falcons since Thursday night's NFL Draft.

Despite having needs on the defensive side of the ball—specifically edge rusher and cornerback—the Falcons decided to draft quarterback Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth overall pick. This comes on the heels of paying Kirk Cousins $180 million in March.

Ironic comments by Terry Fontenot will make fans angrier after drafting Michael Penix Jr.

If you are a constant reader then you probably know what I think about the Michael Penix Jr. pick. I thought it was a good and smart pick considering what we have been through the past two years. However, I understand the harsh criticism because it makes the Falcons seem like they are 'one foot in, one foot out' when it comes to winning right away.

I also cannot ignore the irony of Terry Fontenot's latest comments about the draft and why the team didn't address the cornerback position.

If Fontenot was hoping to save face, this was not the smartest comment. He shouldn't have phrased it this way because this just adds gas to the fire.

The Falcons were sitting there at pick eight in a draft that featured some top-end cornerback talent. Guys like Quinyon Mitchell, Terrion Arnold, and Nate Wiggins were available and the Falcons decided to take the quarterback of their future.

And then the Falcons decided to trade up in the second round when Cooper DeJean and Kool-Aid McKinstry were still available, and they took defensive lineman Ruke Orhorhoro.

Altogether, no matter where you stand on your opinions about the decision-making in the draft, I don't think you can deny the ineptitude that the Falcons have had when handling their media obligations. That only compounds when you throw in the incriminating comments Kirk Cousins made about tampering.

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