Every Falcons head coach ever: full list

Atlanta's head coach history is checkered, to say the least
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The history of the Atlanta Falcons is among the wildest and wackiest for any NFL Franchise out there. Head coaching instability has been one of the unfortunate trademarks of this franchise, as they are very rarely helmed by a steady leader for a long period of time.

Consider this anecdote to summarize the Falcons' history. Their first coach ever, Norb Hecker, was hired after Vince Lombardi turned them down. Lombardi did not recommend Hecker as a coach, but owner Rankin Smith Sr. thought he was trying to mess with them. Hecker went 4-26-1 in parts of three seasons. Bobby Petrino's exploits are well-known.

The Falcons will hope that Raheem Morris quickly becomes one of the more successful names in franchise history. When Atlanta has had success, it has often found itself on the periphery of the championship picture.

Every Falcons head coach ever

Mike Smith, 2008-14: 66 wins

Smith only has one playoff win to his name, but he may be the best coach in franchise history due to the unbroken string of success he presided over. The Falcons had five straight winning seasons, winning double-digit games four times and 13 games twice. Overseeing Matt Ryan's development and dragging this team out of the depths Bobby Petrino threw them into deserved the highest of praise.

Dan Reeves, 1997-2003: 49 wins

Reeves is a bit of a one-hit wonder, as he had a losing record with the Falcons despite a 14-2 season that ended with a Super Bowl loss. Still, 1998 is likely the best season in Falcons history, and Reeves presided over it. Jim Mora better thank his lucky stars for Reeves, who played a cruicial role in developing Michael Vick as a passer.

Leeman Bennett, 1977-82: 46 wins

Bennett and then-DC Jerry Glanville's Grits Blitz defense became iconic, and it set the tone for Atlanta in that famous 1977 season. While the defense never matched 1977, Bennett had a winning record in Atlanta thanks to the best of former top pick Steve Bartkowski guiding the team at quarterback.

Dan Quinn, 2015-20: 43 wins

The 28-3 debacle will forever be part of Quinn's legacy in Atlanta, and fans have every right to curse his name. However, he is one of just two Falcons coaches (Reeves being the other) to win multiple playoff games, and the only one to both win multiple postseason contests and have an above .500 record.

History may look back fondly on his tenure, as Matt Ryan played the best football of his Hall of Fame career while the defense (early on) was ferocious.

Norm Van Brocklin, 1968-74: 37 wins

Van Brocklin was one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, and he turned out to be a solid coach too. After helping the expansion Vikings find their footing, Van Brocklin turned a league-wide doormat with four wins in three years into a respectable team. He had winning seasons in three straight campaigns between 1971 and 1973.

Jerry Glanville, 1990-93: 27 wins

Glanville's Falcons were some of the most fun-to-watch teams in the league, as Deion Sanders making plays in these all-black uniforms was a legendary sight to behold. Unfortunately for Glanville, he needed for steak to complement his sizzle, as quarterback Chris Miller's inconsistent play limited Glanville's Falcons to just one winning season out of four.

Jim Mora Jr., 2004-06: 26 wins

Mora was a witness to perhaps the best Falcons fans ever saw of Vick as a passer. After going 11-5 and making it to the NFC Championship game, Mora's performance declined in every subsequent year. Throw in a very odd, very public flirtation with a college job at Washington, and Mora was out in 2006. At least they didn't make the worst coaching hire ever after that, right?

Dan Henning, 1983-86: 22 wins

Henning could never get both sides of the ball right. While Bartkowski and the 1-2 punch of William Andrews and Gerald Riggs in the backfield gave Atlanta a fine offense, their defense ranked 22nd or worse in points allowed every year. Henning, who never made the playoffs, got the defense to sixth-best in 1986, but the departure of Bartkowski knee-capped the offense.

Arthur Smith, 2021-23: 21 wins

While Smith never had the high-end quarterback play you need to succeed in the modern NFL, the former Titans offensive coordinator did himself no favors. Ultimately, his inability to get the ball in the hands of his best players ruined his tenure in Atlanta, overshadowing his defensive improvements.

June Jones, 1994-96: 19 wins

With the rocket arm of Jeff George at the helm of his famed "Run-n-Shoot" offense, Jones won 18 games in his first two seasons and even made it to the playoffs in 1995. 1996, however, was a tire fire. With 36-year-old Bobby Hebert throwing 25 interceptions and an unwatchable defense allowing just under 29 points per game, Jones went 3-13 and was fired.

Marion Campbell, 1974-76, 1987-89: 17 wins

Campbell was somehow given three separate head coaching stints in a 20-year span, coaching the Falcons twice and Eagles once between 1974 and 1989. Campbell led teams for nine years, yet never won more than six games in a season. Campbell went 34-80-1 as a coach and 17-51 with the Falcons, giving him the worst record of any coach with at least 100 games under his belt.

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