Falcons: 1 fringe player to watch at each offensive position during training camp, preseason

Training camp is underway and as we inch closer and closer to the start of the regular season here are some offensive position you should be keeping an eye on

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Keep an eye on TE Feleipe Franks for the Atlanta Falcons

In the words of Michael Scott, "So sue me!" and I think I should finish the quote; "no, don't sue me. That's the opposite of the point I am trying to make."

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There aren't many Feleipe Franks fans out there and for good reason; he was horrible in his first year at tight end for the Atlanta Falcons. Heck, he was bad in his first year as a quarterback—nothing has gone well for him thus far but yet he is still hanging around.

The only explanation for why he is still here is that Arthur Smith plans to ride the lows since he has the utmost belief that he can develop into a versatile weapon.

Just saying, there is a chance that Franks is given an even longer leash with the Falcons and sticks around for another season.