Watch: Falcons TE Kyle Pitts has priceless reaction to Feleipe Franks' Madden rating

Madden ratings are always a hot topic every year and the Atlanta Falcons caught the reactions of some players having their ratings revealed, which includes Feleipe Franks... with Kyle Pitts watching...
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To say that Atlanta Falcons' tight ends Kyle Pitts and Feleipe Franks are different players would be an understatement. While they are both fast players with tall frames, they have had completely opposite football journeys and successes to this point.

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Kyle Pitts was the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history while Feleipe Franks was an undrafted quarterback—both joined the Falcons as rookies in 2021. Pitts has also had a successful season in the NFL, while Franks hasn't, and Pitts clearly knows that.

Atlanta Falcons' TE Kyle Pitts has hilarious reaction to Feleipe Franks' Madden 24 rating

The Atlanta Falcons have a generational talent in tight end Kyle Pitts. Madden knows that as they gave him a high rating for their upcoming edition of the NFL video game. Feleipe Franks on the other hand, can't say the same thing.

The Falcons posted a YouTube video of them revealing Madden 24 ratings to some of their players. When it was Feleipe Franks' turn, Kyle Pitts was standing right there and the reporter asked Pitts what he thought the apparent quarterback's (???) rating was. The 87 overall tight end couldn't help but laugh at his friend before having a hilarious reaction to the reveal.

Why Madden, after more than a year, still doesn't realize that Franks is literally listed as a "TE" on the Falcons website, is beyond me. So, that is a kind of a caveat to Pitts' reaction, but I have a feeling that his reaction would have been similar even if Franks was a tight end in the virtual world.

And then when he heard 60 overall all Kyle Pitts could say was "oh lord."

It is just cruel (but funny) that Franks was put in this position. It is already bad enough to hear you are a 60 overall but to have one of your teammates standing there who is one of the top-rated players at the position is just funny.

Needless to say, I don't know that you will see many people using Feleipe Franks as their quarterback in Madden—Kyle Pitts certainly won't be.