Falcons: 3 Packages to trade up in 2023 draft & the target

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Packages for the Falcons to move up in 2023 draft & the potential target

While it is never a good sign to have a top-ten pick, it is still exciting—something we all know too well. This is the third consecutive year (and hopefully last) that the Atlanta Falcons landed a top-ten selection in the draft.

The Falcons have a wide array of options available to them for April's draft. They can stick with their selection and pick any player—minus seven players TBD—that they want, or they can trade up or trade down.

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For today, we will take the route of projecting packages to get the Dirty Birds a higher selection. We have already seen the Panthers make a massive move to jump past the Falcons (which clearly wasn't the intention) and land the first-overall pick. The Panthers gave up WR D.J. Moore, pick nine, pick 61, their 2024 first-round pick, and their 2024 second-round pick

The Atlanta Falcons would not have to give up that much, luckily. Nevertheless, it won't be cheap but if the Falcons identify a player they have to have, then they need to pull the trigger. Here are three possible packages.