Falcons: 3 Packages to trade up in 2023 draft & the target

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Falcons trade up two spots with the Lions

Here the Atlanta Falcons make a small leap to land the sixth-overall pick in an effort to prevent the Las Vegas Raiders from taking their valued prospect.

Giving up a third-round pick and two fourth-round picks could prove to be well worth it if the Falcons land a player they are fully confident in. After all, if you land an All-Pro player, who is ever going to remember what you gave up for him?

The selection:

DT. player. . . 44. Georgia. Jalen Carter. 6

The Falcons were worried that the Las Vegas Raiders would end the slide of Jalen Carter considering their starters are Bilal Nichols and Neil Farrell Jr. at defensive tackle.

It isn't the most pressing need but, as long as they feel confident about the work ethic and the person, they should take advantage of having the ability to select the player who many think is the best in the draft.