Prepare to watch Falcons pass on Jalen Carter says reporter

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Jalen Carter is a favorite among Atlanta Falcons considering he is a very talented defensive tackle out of the University of Georgia.

He was also a favorite among front office executives in the NFL up until recently when he was put in the spotlight for being a factor in an incident that resulted in the death of two UGA people. Then he showed up to his Pro Day overweight, causing decision makers to question his work ethic and based on a recent report, the Falcons are among those questioning him.

Based on report by The Athletic, the Falcons will have to opportunity to draft Jalen Carter but will likely pass on him

Get your pitchforks sharpened Georgia fans and Falcons fans because according to Josh Kendall, who covers the Falcons for The Athletic, Atlanta will likely have the opportunity to draft Jalen Carter and will likely pass on him due to the recent concerns.

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Here is what was said in Josh Kendall's article:

"It once seemed a pipe dream that Carter would fall to Atlanta at No. 8. It now looks likely, and it looks equally as likely that the Falcons will let him go right by if he does. Atlanta fans need to start getting their minds wrapped around the fact that Carter is not coming to Flowery Branch."

Josh Kendall, The Athletic

Jalen Carter is one of the best prospects in the draft, there is no doubt about it. He has the strength to throw 300-pound offensive linemen with one arm and has the agility to become a star in every aspect of the game.

I say that and UGA fans will not like hearing this, but if the Falcons pass on Jalen Carter, they did it for a reason. Teams are willing to overlook a lot to bring in talent, they aren't going to pass up a player for nothing. Fans are not understanding that. If he falls to the Falcons, there is a reason for it. If Atlanta goes in another direction, they have a legitimate reason to—you might not believe this but teams are not trying to sabotage themselves.

Try not to get your UGA fandom in the way. The Atlanta Falcons do not want to use a top-ten pick on a player they aren't confident in, no matter the talent.

Fans are quick to point to a few players who fell in the draft and became successes, but you can also point to many players who became failures. I am not comparing Carter's concerns with these players but think about Johnny Manziel, Reuben Foster, Jachai Polite, Brady Quinn, Randy Gregory, Bud Dupree, and Myles Jack, there is a long list of players who fell for a reason and that reason was proven true. A couple of those players have had good seasons but none of them turned into what draft experts expected.

This could also be the typical NFL Draft ploy where teams send out a rumor that they aren't interested in a specific prospect in an effort to keep other teams from jumping in front of them. You just never know with rumors around this time of the year.

The only thing we know for sure is that the Atlanta Falcons are going to make their decision based on what they think will be best for their organization, and we will all have to live with it. We have no control, so try not to get too upset.

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