Falcons 7-round mock draft after Raheem Morris hire: Atlanta makes blockbuster trade

Here is an updated mock draft after the Atlanta Falcons hired their new head coach, Raheem Morris

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Round 6, Pick 189: Malik Washington, WR, Virginia

With a new offense in place, which will feature more three-receiver sets, the Atlanta Falcons need to find a speedy, quick slot receiver. Malik Washington could be just that for them. He is the type of player that this team lacked last year and Zac Robinson will be looking for someone like Washington.

Round 6, Pick 201: Steele Chambers, LB, Ohio State

Steele Chambers has one of the best names for a linebacker you will ever see. He is a similar player to Nate Landman, who is due to hit free agency. If the Falcons allow Landman to walk then they could look to find a tough linebacker like Chambers.


Round 7, Pick 244: Erick All, TE, Iowa

It is so difficult to not put "Michigan" next to his name. He used to be teammates with Roman Wilson so this would be a cool reunion for the two.

Anyway, in the seventh round, you are looking for players who can develop into quality players. Erick All can do that with his skills in the short passing game. With Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith already here, All would not be in a rush to develop.

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