Falcons: Arthur Smith proving he can't lead consistency

We are almost through Arthur Smith's third year as head coach and he has yet to rally his Atlanta Falcons to three straight wins

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

Arthur Smith has proven that he cannot lead a consistent team. The coach who was brought in to be a stable force for the offense has yet to score 31 points in a game and has squandered another opportunity to put together three straight wins.

Winning three straight should not be a monumental task, especially when you have the schedule that the Falcons have. It is unacceptable and he has been given every opportunity to prove everyone wrong but continues to come up short.

Arthur Smith has shown he can't lead the Atlanta Falcons to consistency

There are just four regular season games remaining in Arthur Smith's third year as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and there are plenty of concerning stats tied to his team.

It took until week one of this season for Arthur Smith to have a winning record. Smith has yet to put up 31 points in a game. Smith has yet to win three games in a row. All of these things are incredibly concerning.

Smith has had 47 opportunities to lead an offense to 31 points. He has had four different two-game winning streaks (which is also concerning) and is 0-4 in the games following.

What else do you want to hear?

It is up to the players to execute but it says something that you aren't able to break through these walls. Coaching has a lot to do with performance. Smith is getting paid to have the answers and take the criticism as the leader of the team.

Will he get fired? I don't think so but it is hard to imagine Smith finding success over the remainder of the season or in the upcoming years.

There are no excuses for what we have seen. It has become really difficult to defend an offensive head coach who has been leading one of the worst scoring offenses over the past three years.