Falcons: Bijan Robinson looked absolutely special from snap one

Atlanta Falcons running back Bijan Robinson got his first taste in the NFL on Friday and on his first rush he looked absolutely special.
Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons
Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

NFL Scouts can do all the scouting they want but they still won't know for sure whether or not an NFL player will pan out. The Atlanta Falcons felt as confident as possible when they drafted Texas RB Bijan Robinson with the eighth overall pick.

Everyone finally got to see him on an NFL field on Friday against a good Cincinnati Bengals defense and to say he looked good would be a massive understatement.

Bijan Robinson looked like the player the Falcons hoped he would be

College football fans had been marveling at Texas running back Bijan Robinson over the past few years. Bijan was the complete package both on and off the field which helped him become the eighth-overall pick for the Atlanta Falcons.

Again, no one knows what a player will look like until they take snaps on the gridiron and we finally got to see Bijan do just that. The highest-drafted running back since Saquon Barkley looked absolutely special.

Bijan Robinson took a hand-off and showcased some stunning moves against the Bengals defense.

Bijan's ability to find and hit holes is spectacular. He had to cut back and find the hole in the blink of an eye. He simply scooted through and avoided the big boys inside then put on the nastiest move we have seen from a Falcons player in a long time.

Again, this was his first carry. That was the first time he really got to see NFL speed under the lights and he made the Bengals safety Nick Scott look like an absolute fool. I would have paid to see Scott's reaction after catching air.

This stat says everything you need to know:

Bijan made some more special plays going down the field and showed that he can be a solid blocker on free rushers.

Many likely saw his next flashy play when he caught a screen pass with one hand like it was absolutely nothing.

He showed us all we needed to know before we see him take the field in week one. He has excellent vision, burst, speed, elusiveness, processing, hands, and blocking. The Atlanta Falcons found themselves a special player who will dominate for years.