Falcons: Bijan Robinson vs. Troy Andersen is the exciting matchup of training camp

If you want to see two athletes go head-to-head then you might want to see the two emerging stars for the Atlanta Falcons battle it out
NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session
NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Mano a mano is how two young and talented players have preferred things early in Atlanta Falcons training camp.

2022's second-round pick and projected starting linebacker, Troy Andersen, has been up to the task of covering 2023's first-round pick Bijan Robinson and it has already turned into two of the best highlights of the early parts of training camp.

Bijan Robinson and Troy Andersen are battling it out in Atlanta Falcons training camp

Without a doubt, two of the best athletes the Atlanta Falcons have on their roster right now are rookie running back Bijan Robinson and second-year linebacker Troy Andersen.

Coming out of Texas, Robinson has been widely regarded as one of the best prospects at the running back position in some time. While no one is claiming that he has 4.3 speed, he is still plenty fast, has crazy burst and acceleration, and some of the quickest cuts you will ever see.

Not often are you going to find a linebacker that has better speed than the generational running back, but Troy Andersen does. Coming out of Montana State in 2022, Andersen was clocked running a 4.42 forty-yard dash at the combine. The former QB, RB, LB, and do-it-all player has rare athleticism.

So, who wouldn't want to see these two emerging stars go at it?

Two videos out of Falcons training camp have featured this intriguing matchup and it doesn't disappoint.

Bijan Robinson vs. Troy Andersen: Round 1

Bijan Robinson: 0
Troy Andersen: 1

Troy does a great job here sitting on Bijan's route, sticking with him, and using his athleticism to make a play on the ball. He also didn't tug Bijan quite enough to draw the flag, especially on the short route.

Bijan Robinson vs. Troy Andersen: Round 2

Bijan Robinson: 1
Troy Andersen: 1
Troy Andersen's ankles: -1

This is what Bijan Robinson can do that no one else can at the position. He is so fluid running routes and he can make plays on the ball like he is Julio Jones. How can you not be excited about him?

Do you know how offensive playcallers talk about scripting plays to begin a game? They often call plays that will set up future plays. Bijan Robinson just did that on the field. I am not saying he did it on purpose but his route the day had Troy Andersen thinking it was a rerun (slightly different stem obviously) and then Bijan hit his outside foot and flew down the field. And then that catch was something else.

Relating to all of this, a former Atlanta Falcons player and fan favorite has been coaching from whatever that social media site is called now.

Mohamed Sanu Sr. coaching up the young Atlanta Falcons star

The Atlanta Falcons might want to contact their former reliable wide receiver and elite quarterback, Mohamed Sanu Sr. with a coaching offer.

And, of course, there was a breakdown for round two.

Just think, Bijan Robinson and Troy Andersen are just two of the many exciting players the Atlanta Falcons have. Kyle Pitts, Tyler Allgeier, Cordarrelle Patterson, Arnold Ebiketie, Grady Jarrett, A.J. Terrell, Jessie Bates, and so many others are going to be fun to watch. The season cannot come fast enough!