Falcons: Did Arthur Blank just hint at firing HC Arthur Smith?

According to reports, during postgame interviews, Arthur Blank was acting unusual while Arthur Smith was at the podium. This could be a hint that the Atlanta Falcons will be looking for a new head coach

Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Arthur Blank has all of the control of the franchise. He bought that control when he bought the franchise back in 2002. This is quite literally his team and he can make any necessary changes he wants, including firing a guy named Arthur Smith.

The decision shouldn't be that difficult, Arthur Smith has proven that he can't lead consistency, yet we are all still wondering whether he will be fired before next season. If reports are correct, then we might have seen a hint from Blank that he will be searching for a new head coach soon.

Arthur Blank might have hinted that he will make the right decision for the Atlanta Falcons

After every game, head coaches have to speak with the media. There are no excuses to not, even when you lose to a 1-12 team at a critical point in the season. And much like how Arthur Blank walks down to the field every fourth quarter, he also likes to sit in on those postgame interviews.

Blank went about his routine even after the embarrassing loss to the Panthers and his body language, according to the AJC's Ken Sugiura, was telling.

It may be nothing more than him being extremely disappointed about yet another loss, but it could also be him not wanting to look at the guy he knows he has to fire. As for the declined interview, I don't think we should read that much into it.

Either way, Arthur Blank is frustrated. He wants to see this team win and he wants to make the right decisions.

Unfortunately, those decisions sometimes require you to fire people you are very close with. That is never easy. He has had to do it with Dan Reeves, Jim Mora, Mike Smith, and Dan Quinn. At some point, whether it is this year or the next, Arthur Smith's name will be added to that. Hopefully, for the sake of this franchise, it will be very soon.

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