Falcons Draft Profile Jalen Carter: Strengths, weaknesses, highlights, prediction

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Fit with Falcons:

The Atlanta Falcons have added a lot of talent along their defensive line to pair with Grady Jarrett and Ta'Quon Graham. They already have a solid rotation to rely on but, as they always say, you can never have enough defensive linemen in the NFL.

Jalen Carter has a place on the defense, no doubt about it. He can line up anywhere inside the tackles which opens up some intriguing mix-and-matching of the personnel.

Not to mention, having that depth allows you to hide Carter's biggest weakness. We all know that Grady Jarrett can play 24/7 (whether that is ideal or not is a different story), Ta'Quon Graham, once healthy, can handle a lot of snaps, and then you have the other veterans to rotate with. Jalen Carter, in this defense, wouldn't need to be on the field all the time. They could keep him well-rested going into the fourth quarter and then unleash him.

Fit: A


Jalen Carter is a difficult one to predict. While I do believe that he will go in the top ten, the question is if the Falcons feel comfortable taking him so high. Should you believe the rumor or believe the opposite of the rumor? It is an age-old draft question. The Falcons could have taken him off their board or they could just be trying to make teams think that they did.

It is a total guess at this point and a gut feeling but I don't believe he is totally off their board. I don't think that they would go out of their way to land him but if he is there at eight, then they will seriously consider taking the Georgia product.

Interest meter: 7/10

Available? 40% chance

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