Falcons Draft Profile Will Anderson Jr.: Strengths, weaknesses, prediction

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Fit with Falcons

Finding a team that wouldn't love to have Will Anderson Jr. would be an impossible task. Dominant pass rushers are something that no team would even turn down. Along with that, Anderson is a versatile defender. He can play outside linebacker for 3-4 teams or he can play defensive end for a 4-3 team. While he lined up inside at Alabama and has good power, I don't know that he has the weight to do so in the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons, without a doubt, would love to have this freak off the edge. He could help transcend a defense that has already improved vastly this offseason—Anderson would be a giant cherry on top. He would help fill a big need and give the Falcons another young, talented edge rusher.

Fit: A+


There is virtually no chance that Will Anderson will be available at pick eight, he is just too talented and had way too much production with the Crimson Tide to fall past the fifth pick. Teams have eyed Anderson for years and if the quarterback position wasn't so hot this year, I would have to believe Anderson would be the first player selected.

However, I could see the Falcons potentially trading up with the Cardinals to land Anderson with the third pick. Pick number three seems like the highest Anderson will go, so that would bring him to the ATL. However, this is assuming that the Cardinals haven't fallen in love with this prospect—which there have already been rumors of—and are willing to trade the pick at a reasonable price.

Will Anderson would be a perfect player for the Falcons, but barring a trade-up, they are not going to land him. Nevertheless, I would almost guarantee they have explored trading up for him—whether or not they end up doing so is a different story.

Interest meter: 10/10

Available? 5% chance

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