Falcons have no excuses not to win the NFC South anymore

Going all in on Kirk Cousins puts the most possible pressure on the Atlanta Falcons immediately.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The NFC South was the worst division in football last year, no doubt about it. The four teams were all hard to watch and it resulted in a close race, at least between three of the teams, that came down to the last week of the season.

Going into this offseason, only one of those teams had a quick way to become a much better team—that is the Atlanta Falcons. Signing a quarterback would instantly fix a massive problem for the team and now that they have signed Kirk Cousins, the Falcons have no excuse to not win the NFC South.

There is nothing stopping the Falcons from winning the NFC South

The Buccaneers are running it back with their average team from last year. If anything, they have become worse on paper. While another year means more chemistry for Baker Mayfield and the offense, they also lost their outstanding offensive coordinator. Falcons fans know how that is as they have been waiting for a consistent OC since Kyle Shanahan was hired away.

As for the Saints, they keep running into the same wall year after year. Their cap is a mess which results in moves every year that either involve kicking the tire down the road, letting players go, or trading a player or two away. They are usually able to sign one or two decent free agents but nothing to put them over the top.

Then we have the Panthers... What can we say? Are they going to be better? It is hard to imagine them not being after some big signings but the reality is that they could be sitting here with the top pick in prime position to flip their script. Instead, they don't have a first-round pick and still have some massive holes—none bigger than wide receiver. Have fun Bryce Young.

Assuming Kirk Cousins can finish his rehab on his Achilles, the Falcons just fixed two of their biggest problems: quarterback and wide receiver.

We could also throw in the upgrade that the zero-experience OC Zac Robinson will be over Arthur Smith. There is no excuse for them to not secure a playoff spot by being one of the eight division winners in 2024.