Kyle Pitts addresses rumored meeting with Kirk Cousins

Tis the season for wild and crazy rumors...

Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins
Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins / Hannah Foslien/GettyImages

It's the hot topic amongst Atlanta Falcons fans, right now. Kirk Cousins to Atlanta? That seems to be a swirling rumor.

With reports that Cousins has apparently been eyeing homes down in Atlanta as of late, the conversation is only growing by the minute. Could the Falcons actually land the 4-time Pro Bowler?

The report regarding Cousins looking into the Atlanta area came from Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, which is ironic, because Florio has also been the cause of another recent stir on social media involving Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts.

Florio recently stated on The Pat McAfee Show that he's hearing Pitts and Cousins have been in contact with one another about which one of them would wear the number 8.

"I haven't confirmed this part yet, but it's one of those things that makes sense ... [Cousins has been] talking to the guy who currently wears number 8, Kyle Pitts, about getting number 8..." Florio said.

Kyle Pitts responded to the Kirk Cousins, jersey number rumor with a simple laugh.

Clearly, Pitts is insinuating that he and Cousins have not spoken about the jersey number situation. Who knows if they've even been in contact at all?

The funniest part about the above interview is the fact that Florio even admits to getting tips from loyal readers of his site. He implied that this was a tip given to him by a reader. Sure, he said that he'd run these tips by those who are more informed just to check credibility.

But, this was a tip from a reader. It wasn't inside information from an expert, agent, player, coach or anyone else close to Pitts. That's what makes this hilarious.

Could Cousins still be coming to Atlanta? Oh, absolutely. The Falcons are one of the top rumored spots for Cousins and a top betting favorite to land the veteran quarterback.

But, has Cousins been in contact with Pitts about who gets to wear number 8? That doesn't seem to be anywhere close to truth at this stage in the game, if Pitts has anything to say about it.