Falcons need to give rookie QB a rude awakening in NFL debut

Will Levis will be making his first career start in the NFL against the Atlanta Falcons who must give the talented QB a rude awakening into the NFL

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

For the second time this season, the Atlanta Falcons will be going against a quarterback who is making his first career start in the National Football League.

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The Falcons were able to give number-one pick Bryce Young a taste of how different the NFL is compared to college and now they must do the same for second-round pick Will Levis on Sunday when they take on the Tennessee Titans.

Falcons must make Titans QB Will Levis' debut complete chaos

This defense for the Atlanta Falcons has been phenomenal. They have gone from one of the worst units in the NFL last year to one of the best this year. Ryan Nielsen has done a fantastic job with a defense that playing lights out right now.

On Sunday, they will be taking on the Tennessee Titans on the road. The Titans' offense is usually manned by Ryan Tannehill but Tannehill will not be playing this week which means they have to turn to one of their young QBs.

In the past, they have chosen to go with Malik Willis but this week will be different as they will be giving rookie QB Will Levis his first career start.

With that being said, the Titans have stated that both quarterbacks will play in the game.

Ryan Nielsen needs to create chaos against these two quarterbacks. While both are athletic, Will Levis is the better passer while Malik Willis is the better runner. Knowing who is standing behind the center could tell the defense what type of play is coming.

Of course, if you are looking to stop the Titans then you have to stop Derrick Henry. Henry is a problem and is the reason that a young quarterback could have success with the Titans. The Falcons will have to play a physical game if they want to notch their fifth win of the year.


The defense needs to set the tone from snap one and show Levis who is in control of this game.

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