Julio Jones caught betraying Atlanta sports with Philly teammates

Julio Jones left a lasting impact on Atlanta sports but he is also riding the wave as he attended the MLB playoffs repping the wrong team

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Julio Jones will forever be an icon in Atlanta sports. There is nothing that could happen that would change that, he was simply incredible with the Atlanta Falcons.

However, he is now with his third team since playing for the Falcons and he is adapting to his environment as he was caught repping the wrong team during game six of the MLB's NLCS.

Julio Jones spotted wearing Atlanta rival's gear during MLB playoffs

It is always sad to see a legend move on from a team. The Atlanta Falcons lost Julio Jones' allegiance in 2021 due to a lack of winning. He requested a trade and the Falcons granted that request by trading him to the Tennessee Titans.

The Falcons clearly won that trade as he didn't last more than a season with the Titans. After that, he joined the rival Buccaneers, which didn't feel great for Falcons fans.

And then last week news broke that the Philadelphia Eagles had signed the legendary receiver. While Atlanta and Philadelphia don't have a consistent rivalry in the NFL, the same cannot be said about the two cities when it comes to the MLB.

The Braves have now been knocked out of the playoffs by the Phillies in the past two postseasons. The two were already division rivals but things have been extra spicy recently. Needless to say, you won't find many Braves fans who are rooting for the Phillies to win the World Series.

Therefore, many fans won't be too happy watching this video:

Julio Jones in Phillies gear... Not ideal.

Things certainly shouldn't be taken too personal. Julio is just having some fun with his teammates.

Nevertheless, he didn't have to get so decked out in Phillies gear.


In other news, Julio Jones should be suspended for wearing 80 with the Eagles. It is just not right.

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