Falcons owner Arthur Blank gives update on franchise legend Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan hasn't been away from the Atlanta Falcons long but the franchise icon is already being welcomed back to the city with open arms thanks to owner Arthur Blank
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Matt Ryan enjoyed 14 incredible seasons with the Atlanta Falcons that saw him claim basically every quarterback record for the franchise. His time with the Falcons came to a disappointing end last year but owner Arthur Blank has already welcomed him back to the city that drafted him 15 years ago.

Blank also provided an update about how everyone could start seeing his face once he officially retires.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank clears the air when it comes to Matt Ryan

Just over a year ago, the Atlanta Falcons were rumored to be hot on the trail of quarterback Deshaun Watson. Depending on who you ask, the Falcons were really close to landing what would have been their new franchise passer—all taking place when Matt Ryan was on their roster still.

Matt ended up asking for a trade. The Falcons granted his request and allowed him to pick where he wanted to end up. His choice ended up being the Indianapolis Colts and we all know how that turned out.

Whenever a player asks for a trade, especially in a situation like that, it often creates an awkward and/or tense relationship between the player and the team. While Matt Ryan isn't one to hold grudges, there was still reason to wonder what he thought of the Falcons.

We got our answer today as owner Arthur Blank shared an update about Ryan.

It is great to hear, without a doubt.

It would have been disappointing to hear that the bridges were burned between the two sides over the pursuit of a quarterback that the team did not end up landing.

Blanks' comment about "his playing career is over, over" is interesting. Right now it appears as if Matt Ryan isn't retired due to money that the Colts owe him but we don't know whether or not he would come back and play if given a good offer. We will just have to wait and see.

What we do know is that Matt Ryan will begin his broadcasting career with CBS and his schedule for the first three weeks has been announced already. Find out if he will be doing a Falcons game by clicking here.