Falcons: QB Desmond Ridder made a concerning comment about fumbles

Desmond Ridder had issues with fumbling on Sunday and it almost cost the Atlanta Falcons the game. After the game, Ridder made a weird and concerning comment about fixing his fumbling issues
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Desmond Ridder went from having three interceptions in week six to having zero interceptions in week seven. However, he also went from having zero fumbles to having three fumbles. Those three fumbles almost cost the Atlanta Falcons the game.

Luckily, the Falcons won the game but they should be focusing on eliminating the turnovers in the future. With that, apparently, Desmond Ridder doesn't believe there is a fix to fumbling, according to comments he made following the game.

Desmond Ridder doesn't believe there is a "magic potion" to not fumbling

One thing is for sure, there is a fix for any mistake in the game of football. Struggle with accuracy? Perhaps your footwork is off or maybe your motion is slightly off. Everything has a fix, it is a matter of finding and practicing the fix.

But, according to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder, there isn't a clear way to fix fumbling the football.

That is a weird statement to say after fumbling the ball three times. While there might not be 'one drink' to fix the issue, there are things you can do that ensure you don't put the ball in harm's way.

I get it, fumbles are going to happen. Sometimes you will pull your arm back to throw the ball and a defensive player will hit your hand. That happened to Ridder right before halftime and it wasn't his fault, it was the offensive line's fault. There isn't much Ridder could have done there.

However, the other two, especially the third, were avoidable. The funny thing is that right after saying there isn't a "magic potion" he literally stated what went wrong on those two fumbles. Finding the fix after knowing the mistake should be pretty obvious.

First, he said that he was rushing the under-center snap. So, don't rush the snap. Calm yourself down and ride the wave of the snap. The snap wasn't great but sometimes that happens under center. There really aren't any under-center snaps that are unretrievable.

Second, he said that it was an RPO and he kept the ball in his right hand to keep the option of throwing the ball open.

The issue with that reasoning is that he ran a good ten yards after crossing the line of scrimmage. There was plenty of time to flip the ball into your left arm. If he did do the switch, he wouldn't have fumbled.

The other thing he failed to do was to run through the goal line. He started prancing before he broke the plane, everyone should take the ball full speed through the endzone. If he didn't throttle down, he would have scored.


While these comments might be concerning, I don't think Desmond Ridder has some fatal flaw with his thinking. Sometimes you say something that gets taken the wrong way or you just don't phrase something right. He clearly knows what he needs to do to fix things considering he stated what he did wrong.

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