Falcons: Raheem Morris hire opens door for a Matt Ryan reunion

Raheem Morris has an extensive history with the Atlanta Falcons and quarterback Matt Ryan which could open the door for a possible three-way reunion.

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Matt Ryan, Raheem Morris, and the Atlanta Falcons were together for six seasons and they enjoyed some of the best success in franchise history.

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2020 marked the end of that when Raheem Morris moved to Los Angeles to become the new defensive coordinator of the Rams. Then two years later, Matt Ryan moved on as well but in 2024 the three parties could link back up.

Matt Ryan, Raheem Morris, and the Atlanta Falcons could be in for a reunion

Matt Ryan's playing days are likely over. After spending his first season out of the NFL and his first season in the booth as a CBS commentator, Ryan isn't likely to get back on the field. His final season was a disappointment and, quite honestly, there isn't much reason for him to go back out there and get thrown around by 300-pound men again.

However, Ryan has shown that he has immense knowledge of the game of football and, more specifically, the art of playing quarterback. He could make for a great NFL head coach.

Now that Raheem Morris has become the newest head coach of the Falcons and will be looking to hire his own staff, Matt Ryan's name could be thrown into the mix.


Obviously the first title that comes to mind for Ryan is 'quarterback coach.' It is a job that the Falcons lacked last season and with them looking to find and develop a new franchise quarterback, Morris will undoubtedly look to bring the title back.

Ryan isn't likely to be named offensive coordinator right off the bat but giving him the opportunity to work with a specific position could get his foot into the coaching industry. Who knows where things could go from there.

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