Jalen Ramsey calls new Falcons HC Raheem Morris "the best coach in the NFL"

One of the most respected players in the NFL has now made it known that he thinks new Atlanta Falcons head coach Raheem Morris might be "the best coach in the NFL."

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You don't usually see active NFL players labeling other coaches as the best in the business, especially when they are playing for a completely different team.

However, Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been singing the praises of the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons—Raheem Morris. Ramsey gave Morris the highest praise you could ever give a coach in a recent tweet.

Dolphins CB Jalen Ramsey gives glowing praise to new Atlanta Falcons HC Raheem Morris

The Atlanta Falcons have decided to make a shocking move by hiring their former interim head coach Raheem Morris to be the replacement for Arthur Smith.

Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who played under Morris in recent years, has been making it known what he thinks of his former coach. Here was his original tweet from before the Falcons made the hire.

Jalen Ramsey might want to play for the Falcons now, apparently.

He followed this up by calling Raheem one of the best following the news that the Falcons had hired him to be their head coach.

That is quite the endorsement from one of the best players in the NFL over the past decade. It is also coming from a player who is currently employed by a team that has its own fair share of respected coaches.

Let's make this clear, Ramsey never had to say any of this. No one would have thought twice if he hadn't gone public with his thoughts. This is how much he respects his former coach and that tells us a lot.

It isn't only him who is fully supporting Raheem Morris. There are plenty of former Falcons players who played for him during the Dan Quinn era who are so happy with the hire.

Was it the flashiest hire? No, but it is looking like it will be the most respected hire of this coaching cycle.

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