3 reasons why Michael Penix Jr. could play in 2024 (and 2 he won't)

  • A worst-case scenario
  • A best-case scenario
  • The more realistic outcome
Atlanta Falcons, Michael Penix Jr.
Atlanta Falcons, Michael Penix Jr. / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Falcons have rightfully been one of the most talked-about teams all offseason, and it has had to do with their quarterback room.

Sure, the hiring of Raheem Morris and some other moves have taken center stage at times. But, the real conversation is happening under center after the Falcons paid big money for Kirk Cousins and went on to draft Michael Penix Jr. in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Now that Penix has officially agreed to his contract, all that's left is to worry about the coming season. And, there is indeed a chance the rookie will see some playing time.

How would that happen? There are a few reasons why (and a few why not).

Michael Penix Jr. will play in 2024 if the Falcons end up being really good

One situation that isn't talked about enough is the fact that Atlanta could end up being one of the elite teams in football this season. If that's the case, they'll enjoy their fair share of blowouts.

Think about, maybe, a divisional matchup like the Carolina Panthers. If Carolina stinks again, and Atlanta is as good as we think they'll be, then we could see Penix playing some decent garbage time minutes in those types of games.

It isn't hard to imagine Cousins, Drake London, Bijan Robinson and company hitting their stride together. In fact, a lot of fans might describe their visions as "fireworks." And, that would result in Penix seeing some action as a rookie -- and it would be a good thing, even though he'll endure his rookie bumps and bruises.