Falcons star Bijan Robinson unbelievably low on ESPN position rankings

Bijan Robinson is already a top player at his position but not according to ESPN's annual rankings.
Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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Each year ESPN polls employees around the NFL about who the top players are at each position. As they state in the opening of the article, these are not based on past career achievements or five years down the road, this is the best players going into the 2024 season.

One position you would think the Atlanta Falcons would have a player ranked in the top five at would be running back. Bijan Robinson is one of the most talented players in the league.

Nevertheless, people around the league don't even think he is top five. Due to what was categorized as not validating the hype surrounding him, he was placed just outside the five best running backs.

Bijan Robinson ranks sixth on ESPN running back rankings

Bijan Robinson can be the best running back in the NFL, there is no doubt about it. Even in a league that houses Christian McCaffrey, the Falcons star running back can be the cream of the crop. While he isn't there yet, he proved to be one of the best in his rookie season while in a situation that was not beneficial.

In 2024, things appear to be trending upwards. He is surrounded by a proven quarterback and an offensive coordinator who will better utilize his players. Taking everything into account, he is a top-five player at the position.

According to those who ESPN polled, he is the sixth best behind the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Breece Hall, Nick Chubb, Saquon Barkley, and Jonathan Taylor.

Obviously, CMC deserves the top spot, no debating that, but after that things become dicey. Breece Hall at two? Many fans couldn't even tell you who Hall plays for.

Nick Chubb is coming off a gruesome injury and Jonathan Taylor seems to only be up there because of what he did two years ago. There are clear inconsistencies.

I know you could argue until you are blue in the face but the way this position was ranked is rough. At the very least, Bijan should be above Breece Hall. I guess he will have to prove that on the field this year.

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