Falcons superfan announcing pick makes legendary, sly comment to those '28-3' jokes

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Through all the picks the Atlanta Falcons have made these past few days, their seventh-round pick might have been the most legendary pick.

One of the team's superfans took to the stage wearing his famous suit and belt, made the announcement of the seventh-round pick, almost walked away, and then made a legendary and sly comment to those fans in the crowd that can't get over something that happened six years ago.

Atlanta Falcons superfan turns around after announcing seventh-round pick to call out those making '28-3' jokes

This was such a great moment that had the NFL Network crew laughing their heads off while on live TV. After making the Atlanta Falcons' seventh-round pick, which ended up being DeMarcco Hellams (who I had them taking with that exact pick in my all-defensive mock draft, just saying), he looked at the crowd to his right and made the legendary comment

I think we have all had it with these jokes. Most of us are over it but other fans think it is still funny for some reason. Nonetheless, this was a great moment in Falcons' draft history.

Yes, we have had enough of the 28-3 joke because it is like those jokes that might be funny (for others) the first 10 times, maybe 1,000 times, but definitely not the 100,000th time, six years later.

Props to him for calling them out. It not only was funny but it was downright true, I am pretty sure we have all heard that one before.

It is all ironic because when someone is still hounding on that joke, you know what type of person they are. They are the type of people that are still telling those jokes you heard every day back in elementary school. Anyways, welcome to the Atlanta Falcons DeMarcco Helms, and Jovaughn Gwyn, who was selected immediately after.

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