Falcons: The decision to fire Arthur Smith is an easy one

Arthur Smith has failed the Atlanta Falcons and there should be no question about his future

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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Arthur Smith has done nothing to suggest that he will take the Atlanta Falcons anywhere. That is the cold, hard truth.

He has not made the right decisions for his players and staff, he has not been able to win consistently, he has not used his players the way they should be used, his play calling has been horrendous, and the list goes on and on. The decision to fire him should be the easiest decision Arthur Blank has ever made.

The Atlanta Falcons need to fire Arthur Smith, no question about it

I don't like calling for people to get fired. I don't like calling people out. I don't like anything that relates to criticizing other human beings but I also don't like seeing my team get embarrassed. I hate what I, and the rest of the viewers, have watched for the past three seasons—even when the team came away with a win.

Arthur Smith is a great guy and his players love him, but at some point that becomes pointless. We are at that point because you can find plenty of coaches who players love. You can hire some random person off of the street and players might love him but they aren't going to lead their team anywhere.

Arthur Smith isn't taking this team anywhere. I cannot say he is taking them down but I can say he is taking them down a straight line that sees no improvement.

There are so many red flags that we have seen these past three years. Matt Ryan had his worst season with the Falcons under Arthur Smith. Marcus Mariota, Desmond Ridder, and Taylor Heinicke have all looked terrible in his scheme and have shown zero ability to learn from their mistakes.

His playcalling has no coordination. It consists of stretch runs, messy-looking screens, an occasional deep shot, and questionable route combinations on the rest of the passing plays. When was the last time you saw him call a play that helped his receivers get open?

He incorporates no hot routes. He hardly ever calls any short, quick passing plays. You could go on and on.

And after all that we have seen this year, explain to me why Arthur Smith never hired a quarterbacks coach after Charles London left?

Why does Arthur Smith think that Desmond Ridder doesn't need a coach to be by his side at all times to coach him up? It is just ridiculous.

Enough is enough, the decision has already been made by what we have seen these past three years. Arthur Smith needs to be fired, whether that is today, tomorrow, or after the season ends, he needs to be fired.

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