Falcons trading for Justin Jefferson has become a real possibility

Rumors about the Vikings' intentions in the 2024 NFL Draft makes the Atlanta Falcons trading for Justin Jefferson a possibility.
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The Vikings have benefitted from having the best wide receiver in the NFL over the past few years. Justin Jefferson has helped them win countless games along with new Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Vikings have yet to sign Jefferson to an extension as he enters the final year of his rookie deal. His price continues to shoot up as each day passes. According to new reports, the Vikings may not be so eager to sign him to a giant contract.

The reservations that the Vikings' front office have could allow the Atlanta Falcons to add the best receiver in the NFL to their already-scary lineup.

Falcons could trade for Vikings WR Justin Jefferson

According to new reports, the Minnesota Vikings were looking to trade up to draft LSU receiver Malik Nabers. Nabers ultimately went to the Giants, but if the Vikings had pulled off a trade to snag him, Justin Jefferson would have been as good as gone.

While this seems like a 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' scenario, it speaks to the Vikings' hesitancy about signing their receiver to a $100-plus million contract. Make no mistake about it, if the Vikings had zero intention of moving on from Jefferson then they would have locked him down by now.

The Falcons should take advantage by trading draft picks for him. The price would be more than a first-round pick which shouldn't be a problem for a team that expects to be drafting late in the first round and is being investigated for something that could cost them draft picks.

We also know how much Jefferson loved playing with Kirk Cousins. They already have some of the best chemistry in the game giving the Falcons an early advantage in a season that could require a few weeks before everyone gels.

The Falcons have an opportunity to grab the NFL's best receiver who has chemistry with their new quarterback while also trading away picks that the NFL could take once their investigation concludes. It all makes too much sense for Terry Fontenot and the Atlanta Falcons.


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