Former Atlanta Falcons QB & head coach arrested on alleged DUI

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The Atlanta Falcons, as we all know, did not have much success prior to their 1998-99 Super Bowl run. Part of the reason for that was that they had no consistency at quarterback or head coach and many of those years landed on the shoulders of quarterback, and later head coach, June Jones.

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Jones has not been the most beloved figure in the game of football and that has only continued as he has been arrested for supposedly being behind the wheel while being under the influence.

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback and head coach, June Jones, arrested for alleged DUI

Let's start by prefacing this, while June Jones has been arrested and released on bond, this is an alleged incident, meaning he has not been proven guilty. Anyways, the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback and head coach was arrested at an intersection in Hawaii for being under the influence.

June Jones has denied the allegations—kind of—as he said the following to Stephen Tsai of 'The Star Advisor':

"I was speeding, and got stopped, I was coming from eating dinner. That’s all I need to say right now."

June Jones

So yeah, I don't know how the public is supposed to take that. Who knows whether that is him denying it, stating what happened, pleading the fifth, or all of the above.

Anyways, June Jones played quarterback at Oregon, Hawaii, and Portland State at the college level during the 70s. He was signed as an undrafted player by the Falcons in 1977 where he only played in 17 games, starting just five of them.

He went on to play for the CFL for one year before starting his coaching career.

After coaching in college and the USFL, he entered the NFL coaching ranks and eventually was hired as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons in 1991. After three seasons as the OC, Jones replaced Jerry Glanville (another interesting man) as head coach.

And then you might know what happened next, June Jones had some incidents with QB Jeff George and ended up being fired. Dan Reeves was his replacement and that seemed to work out as the Falcons proceeded to reach their first Super Bowl.

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