Intriguing 3-team trade proposed lands Falcons a top pass rusher

Bleacher Report proposed a three-team trade for the Atlanta Falcons that would help them address their weakest position.
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We can all agree that there should be more of the rare three-team trades in the National Football League (and trades in general). They provide more options for each team to land who or what they want.

While we aren't likely to see them anytime soon, that shouldn't stop people from proposing interesting three-way deals. Bleacher Report has published a few of these proposals, one of which includes the Atlanta Falcons trading a player and a pick for a player they could use in the worst way possible.

Falcons land veteran pass rusher in B/R three-way trade proposal

In this trade, Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox has the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, and San Francisco 49ers trading with each other so they can each land useful pieces to their club.

The Falcons would trade Mike Hughes and a third-round pick to the 49ers to receive edge-rusher Matthew Judon from the New England Patriots. The Pats would send a first-round pick to San Fran and receiver wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

It is a win-win-win; the Falcons land a much-needed player in Judon, the Pats land a stud receiver to help their rookie QB, and the 49ers get a solid return for a receiver who has been causing an earthquake in their organization.

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The interesting thing about a trade like this is that each team can feel like they are getting a steal. Take the 49ers for example, getting a first and third-round pick for a receiver with one year left on his deal is a lot, yet Atlanta and New England aren't giving up an unreasonable amount for who they are landing.

The big issue in this is trying to get each team to agree. It is hard enough to get each side of a two-way deal to sign the dotted line, let alone three. Each team wants to leverage the other which throws a wrench into these complex deals.

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