Is Bill Belichick a good fit for the Atlanta Falcons?

The Atlanta Falcons have been rumored to be the favorites to land Bill Belichick, but would he be a good fit?

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Bill Belichick has put together a resume that will land him in Canton. That much we know for sure. The long-time Patriots head coach has won six Super Bowls and is on the verge of being the all-time wins leader in NFL history.

The Atlanta Falcons have been rumored to be the frontrunners to hire the legendary coach, according to all sorts of insiders. But the question remains, would he be a good fit for a team coming off of a disappointing season?

Would Bill Belichick be a good fit for the Atlanta Falcons?

For being a coach who many consider to be the greatest of all time, there sure is a lot of pushback from Atlanta Falcons fans. The majority of fans do not want the Falcons to hire Bill Belichick, and there are certainly reasons for that, but there is also reason to want him.

Let's look at where this Falcons team is right now because Belichick will be 72 years old soon and the oldest head coach in NFL history was Romeo Crenel, and he was an interim head coach. In other words, Belichick won't be coaching for too much longer.

The state of the Falcons relies solely on their quarterback position. With a quarterback and a good offensive coordinator, the Falcons can contend. I do not doubt that.

The Falcons have a great running back room, a couple of good tight ends, and a cohesive offensive line. Their defense was also quite good, outside of their final two games.

Their wide receiver position, outside of Drake London, is a literal desert but that is fixable.

If Belichick were to find a quarterback—whether it be a rookie or Russell Wilson—and a good playcaller on offense, then this team could contend. Belichick has always led elite defenses so there is no doubt the Falcons would have a strong unit on that side of the ball.

Outside of Belichick's fit into where he and the team are right now, there is the culture fit. I don't think this is a big issue because Belichick brings his own culture, which is exactly what you want from a head coach.

The issue arises with power. Belichick was both the head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots. The Falcons already have a general manager in Terry Fontenot and if you are Belichick you cannot expect the Falcons to fire someone just for you. Belichick would have to come knowing that he is solely the head coach.


Overall, would this fit be perfect? No, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a good hire. If Arthur Blank feels that this team is a piece or two away from contending then there isn't a better coach that would ever fall in your lap like this.

I know that Belichick hasn't been winning recently but the same could be said about Andy Reid before the Chiefs hired him. This Falcons team is more talented than the Patriots have been. And if we are going to give all the praise to Tom Brady for winning in New England, then why aren't we blaming the Patriots quarterbacks now for losing?

I don't care who you have at quarterback, you can't win without a good head coach. The argument against hiring Bill Belichick shouldn't be about his ability to coach, it should be about timing, nothing else.

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