Is Joe Flacco paving the way for a Matt Ryan return?

Joe Flacco has the Cleveland Browns rolling right now and his return to the NFL could pave the way for Atlanta Falcons' legend Matt Ryan to return to the NFL
Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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Matt Ryan had a weird experience last in what could end up being his final NFL season. He was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Indianapolis Colts with huge expectations. But, as we all know, things did not go well and he ended up getting benched twice.

Now, Ryan is spending his time as an announcer for CBS at the same time that Joe Flacco came off his couch to lead the Cleveland Browns into the playoffs. Could this motivate Ryan to return to the NFL?

Joe Flacco could motivate Matt Ryan to return to the field

Every signal we have gotten from Matt Ryan since he was released by the Colts is that he is content with where he is at right now. Financial reasons are why we haven't seen him officially retire yet.

With that being said, anything can happen. We could see Ryan sign with a team this year or next year. Who would have ever thought a few months ago that Joe Flacco would come off his couch to lead the Browns into the playoffs? That could be the spark that Ryan needs, especially if the Browns somehow won the Super Bowl.

You do have to wonder if the Browns contacted Ryan before Flacco. it would make sense since Ryan had played high-level football more recently than Flacco. If that is true then Ryan shut them down right off the bat.

Ultimately, Matt Ryan is most likely done playing in the NFL. He had an illustrious career that should land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Of course, there was always that elusive Super Bowl victory but why should that be held against him when he played a near-perfect game and even outplayed Tom Brady? That is a debate for another day.

In all likelihood, we have seen the last of Ryan throwing a football and are hearing the start of his new career in the booth. I don't think Joe Flacco will change Ryan's mind unless he can join a team on track to win a Super Bowl.

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