Join former Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu for a golf fundraiser

Join former Falcons Mohamed Sanu, Sean Weatherspoon, and Christian Blake, along with many others, for a Golf fundraiser that benefits Africa.
Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons
Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Mohamed Sanu continues his fundraising with a huge golf outing that will benefit Sierra Leone, West Africa. You can join the event and win big prizes in a variety of competitions while surrounded by many different professional athletes including former Falcons and Braves players.

When: Thursday, July 11, 2024. Check-in at 9:00 a.m. Shotgun starts at 10:00 a.m. with Lunch/Awards follow

Where: Bear's Best Atlanta Golf Club, 5342 Aldeburgh Dr. Suwanee, GA 30024

Cost: $175 per individual or $700 for four people

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Mohamed Sanu, other athletes, hosting an exciting golf outing

Former Falcons fan-favorite Mohamed Sanu, who helped the team reach their second Super Bowl, continues to help Africa by building a community center that will benefit countless people.

Sanu's parents are from Sierra Leone where he also spent the first four years of his life.

This golf event not only will provide everyone with an opportunity to see some of their favorite athletes and have some fun but also a great chance to make a difference for so many people.

Here is a list of the other players who will be out on the green:

  • Sean Weatherspoon - Atlanta Falcons
  • Christian Blake - Atlanta Falcons
  • Elijah Wilkinson - Currently w/ Arizona Cardinals (former Falcon)
  • Vernon Davis - San Francisco 49ers
  • Kris Medlen - Atlanta Braves
  • Jonny Venters - Atlanta Braves
  • Rhea Taylor - USA Olympic Champion 5x Gold Medalist, 2x HOF

Sanu continues his "purpose" by making changes

Mohamed Sanu's name should be paired with the word "charity" because he doesn't stop when it comes to giving back.

He has made so many great quotes that speak to the type of person he is, along with his mom who has continued to be a huge motivator.

"Football was not my purpose in life. It was a stepping stone for being an agent of change and making a difference. This community center is one of the biggest responsibilities of my life. It will bring together people who inspire each other and they will stand as a testament to our long-term investment in the community. Beyond the bricks and mortar, the building will be transformed by the energy and passion of the people who visit — professionals, volunteers, staff and families"

Mohamed Sanu

The former Falcon understands how important it is to help those in Africa.

"The average high school graduate in Sierra Leone has never had access to a computer or any sort of computer training. Having access to such technology and training will enrich their lives and help prepare them for relevance in our competitive information-based and technology-driven society."


"The Develop Africa team deeply appreciates Mohamed and his mom’s tremendous commitment to making a difference and empowering the lives of the less privileged in Sierra Leone. This center will strengthen self-reliance so that individuals and families can create positive change in their own lives."

Develop Africa Pres. Sylvester Renner