Kickoff is today: Best player to wear #'s 1-9 for the Atlanta Falcons

We have finally made it to kickoff and the end of this series. Here is a look at the best players to don each jersey number from 1 through 9
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

We have finally made it to an Atlanta Falcons Sunday. It has been a long time coming as we have survived the offseason and we will now be able to see the Falcons take the field for a regular season game.

This means we are onto our final set of numbers as we look at the best player to wear each jersey number from 1 to 9.

Kickoff is here, so here are the best Atlanta Falcons to wear numbers 1-9

We are down to the last set of jersey numbers and this set has some great players for the Atlanta Falcons. This mostly consists of special teamers and quarterbacks but thanks to the NFL opening up what numbers each position can wear, there is an outlier here.

#9: Norm Johnson, K (1991-1994)

Nine is not a number that we have seen much for the Atlanta Falcons but Norm Johnson wore the number a few decades ago. Norm Johnson was an incredibly accurate kicker throughout his 18 seasons in the NFL. He made the Pro Bowl and an All-Pro team with the Falcons in 1993.

#8: Kyle Pitts, TE (2021-Present)

You know the name; Kyle Pitts is an excellent talent who we haven't seen the best from quite yet. He was the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history for a reason and had the second-best season for a rookie tight end ever. The potential is incredible for Kyle Pitts.

#7: Michael Vick, QB (2001-2006)

The Atlanta Falcons traded up for the first-overall pick in 2001 and drafted Michael Vick. Vick went on to become the most electrifying quarterbacks ever and he changed the way the game was played. There was no shortage of highlights with number 7 taking snaps.

#6: John James, P (1972-1981)

John James was a great punter for the Atlanta Falcons during the '70s. He was one of the best in the NFL as he went to three straight Pro Bowls and made two straight All-Pro teams. James also led the league in punt yards four times.

#5: Morten Andersen, K (1995-2000, 2006-2007)

Widely regarded as the best kicker in NFL history, Morten Andersen was accurate, consistent, and had a pretty strong leg. He played 25 seasons in the NFL which is the reason why he finally made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

#4: Jay Feely, K (2001-2004)

It is easy to forget that Jay Feely started his career with the Atlanta Falcons. Funny enough, he took over for Morten Andersen and then moved on a couple of years before Andersen came back to Atlanta. Feely was a pretty decent kicker for the Falcons but he improved after he left the Falcons.

#3: Matt Bryant, K (2009-2019)

Matt Bryant is so underappreciated. He is arguably the most clutch kicker in NFL history. He was a mainstay for the Falcons for so long and was absolute money getting the football through the uprights.

#2: Matt Ryan, QB (2008-2021)

Speaking of mainstays, Matt Ryan was the face of the Atlanta Falcons for 14 seasons. He holds every franchise quarterback record and was as consistent as anyone. Ryan also very rarely missed games. It was strange not seeing him under center last year but it is great to see him back with the team that drafted him.

#1: Jeff George, QB (1994-1996)

Jeff George had a couple of decent seasons for the Falcons but this shows how weak the number one has been for the team. Marcus Mariota wore it last year but George really tromps Mariota in the stat department.

Bonus - #0: Lorenzo Carter, OLB (2022-Present)

For the first time in the history of the Atlanta Falcons, we will see a player wear zero. Lorenzo Carter will be the first to wear it after the NFL elected to allow it to be worn this offseason.