Matt Ryan comments about potentially playing football again

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Matt Ryan this week made a big announcement about his future. He announced that he would be joining CBS Sports as an NFL analyst.

For most NFL players, that would put the lid on their career on the football field, but the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has made it known that he hasn't completely ruled out the idea of playing football again.

Matt Ryan comments on potentially playing football again after being hired at CBS Sports

Matt Ryan will be moving forward while also not; he is joining CBS Sports while also not retiring from the NFL. He recently commented on his decision to not officially retired and the stars having to align for us to see him back on the gridiron.

He talked with SiriusXM NFL Radio about why he isn't shutting down his playing career:

"I don't know. This situation, all the stars would have to align. I've just learned, at least during my experience in the 15 years I've played, to just not shut any doors. That's really the decision behind that. I'm excited to kind of take this next step and to move forward, but at the same time, you never know what's going to happen in this league. Anything could shake out, and so we'll see what happens."

Matt Ryan

It isn't often that you see a player transition into sports media while also keeping their playing career open. It is interesting that CBS Sports is allowing Matt Ryan to keep the door open because companies usually want commitment so that they don't have to worry about replacing you in the future or, worse, mid-season. It really shows you what they think about Ryan's talent in front of the camera.

It will certainly be fun to see another former Falcons player join the sports media scene. We have already seen legends like Deion Sanders and Tony Gonzalez talk football on our TVs, and now we get to listen to the great Matt Ryan.

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