Matt Ryan joins CBS Sports while keeping playing career open

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Matt Ryan will forever be an Atlanta Falcons legend no matter what anyone says. He brought never-before-seen success to the organization, as well as sustained consistency. He is also the leader in every quarterback stat for the franchise and near the top of a lot of NFL leaderboards.

However, his career took a nose dive when he joined the Indianapolis Colts—a franchise that has ruined a lot of quarterbacks recently. He was benched twice during the season and released this offseason. We didn't know what the next step for him would be but now we have a clue as he will be joining CBS Sports as an analyst.

Falcons legend QB Matt Ryan joins CBS Sports but isn't quite retired

Matt Ryan joining CBS Sports was not something that was difficult to foresee. During the NFL Playoffs, he was a guest analyst and did a great job. Now, he will be joining the studio while looking for a new team to join.

He announced this decision on social media.

It isn't often that you see a player join a studio while also making it known he wants to still play. You would have figured he would have made one decision or the other. It is clear that no good opportunities have opened up for him in the NFL so he is securing a future that was going to happen regardless.

It feels like he is going to roll with CBS until there is an injury with a contending team. He is still a great quarterback but teams are rarely looking for a quarterback who will turn 38 on May 17th, to be their starter. Every team is trying to get younger in order to extend their 'championship window.'

At this point in his career, it is hard to believe that he would be willing to take a backup job and there aren't any opening jobs available following the peak of free agency and the draft. Nonetheless, he has a solid gig now and will be able to sit back and wait on the perfect opportunity.

Maybe Matt Ryan's arrival will help tame the vendetta that CBS Sports has had with the Atlanta Falcons.

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