Matt Ryan makes Atlanta Falcons week six game twice as interesting

Matt Ryan will be making his way back into Mercedes-Benz Stadium as he will be calling the Atlanta Falcons' week six game against the Washington Commanders
Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills
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Matt Ryan hasn't been back in Mercedes-Benz Stadium since he last played for the Atlanta Falcons during the 2021 season. Today, he will be back, this time in the booth as he will be calling Falcons vs. Commanders game.

This will provide us all with a lot of interesting insights. Matt Ryan has information that no one else can provide and hearing him talk about his former team will be worth listening to.

Matt Ryan will have special insight into the Atlanta Falcons from the booth

This is a rarity for Atlanta Falcons fans. How often do you get to listen to a former Falcons quarterback—who played under the current regime—call the game?

There is no team in the NFL that Ryan knows better than the Atlanta Falcons. He spent over a decade with this franchise and played with numerous players who are currently on the roster.

Jake Matthews lined up to the left of Matt Ryan on virtually every play for nine years, Cordarrelle Patterson took handoffs and caught passes from Ryan for a season, and Grady Jarrett and A.J. Terrell were his rivals in practice. You get the idea, this will be a game that you will want to listen to closely.

The Falcons team has changed a lot since Ryan played his final snap. Terry Fontenot has turned this roster upside down and Matt saw that firsthand in his final season. However, he played under Arthur Smith, he knows this system, and he knows a lot of the players on this team.

Ryan also spent time around the team during the offseason as he made an appearance at training camp. I am intrigued to hear what Ryan has to say. Usually, you do not see a player call a game with this much insight into the team and scheme.


If things keep trending upward for this team then this won't be the last time we hear Ryan in the booth during a Falcons game.

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