Matt Ryan's network has haunted the Atlanta Falcons this season

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Every season there seems to be an odd Atlanta Falcons stat that simply can't be explained. This year's is their record when playing anywhere other than FOX. When the Falcons play on CBS or ESPN+ they are 0-5 on the season. You read that correctly the Falcons are winless when they don't play on FOX this season.

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan joined the CBS booth this season and called a game for his former team. Every time CBS has been on the call for Atlanta, however, the Falcons have ended the game with a loss.

This is less of an indication of anything as much as it is a statistical oddity. Atlanta going winless on Ryan's network while having such a great record on FOX is yet another unexplainable Atlanta oddity.

The good news for Atlanta Falcons fans is that each of their next two games will be on FOX. Atlanta takes on the one-win Panthers this week in what is a "must-win" followed by returning home for the final regular season game in Atlanta vs. Indy.

Chicago on the road is a CBS game and Atlanta's next chance to break this unexplainable trend. While you may consider that it was simply the opponents this isn't the case either. For the majority of the CBS games Atlanta was in a spot to win against an average or below-average team and simply couldn't get it done.

These next three weeks are monumental for the Falcons who can all but win the division by stringing together three straight. A 1-2 record likely leaves them at home come playoff time while a 2-1 record could set up a winner-take-all final NFC South showdown with the Saints in New Orleans. Atlanta must find a way to break the CBS curse and put away the division long before traveling to New Orleans.