Michael Penix Jr. starting could spell the end for Falcons RT Kaleb McGary

Kaleb McGary's future with the Atlanta Falcons could be tied to QB Kirk Cousins.
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Kirk Cousins is the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and that is the best news for starting right tackle Kaleb McGary.

With Michael Penix Jr. being a left-handed thrower, McGary would take on the 'left tackle' role along the line which is not a good idea considering his struggles as a pass blocker. His time with the Falcons is tied directly to Kirk Cousins.

Falcons will move on from Kaleb McGary at the same time as Kirk Cousins

We all know the importance that protecting the blindside of a quarterback has had since the wicked injury of Joe Theismann nearly 40 years ago. Finding a reliable left tackle is a must to keep their quarterback healthy, at least for most teams.

The Falcons, for now, are set on the blindside of their quarterback as Jake Matthews will continue to be a healthy and reliable veteran on Kirk Cousins' backside.

However, once Michael Penix Jr. takes over, things must be adjusted. Kaleb McGary would become the blindside protector of the lefty Michael Penix, which is not a good idea.

All due respect to McGary, but we would prefer to keep him on the eye side of the quarterback while being a road grader in the run game.

Switching Matthews and McGary probably won't be an option. Both are veterans who have stuck to one side of the line. Switching them this late in their careers would not be a smooth process. It would be easier to look elsewhere for a pass-blocking right tackle. Not to mention, McGary's contract will be expiring.

This would not spell the end for Jake Matthews, however. No quarterback, coach, or team will complain if you have a strong pass-blocking tackle on the vision side of the passer.

If Kaleb McGary isn't gone by the time Michael Penix Jr. takes over, then the Falcons will let him go. His future is tied with the veteran Kirk Cousins.

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