NBC Sports names their top-five non-QB Atlanta Falcons players of the century

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With this section of the offseason being so dull, everyone has to get creative to find interesting content. 'The Chris Simms Unbuttoned' podcast on NBC Sports named their top-five Atlanta Falcons players of this century—excluding quarterbacks.

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While Chris Simms hasn't been popular amongst the Falcons' fanbase due to his awful ranking of Desmond Ridder, he still provides some good discussion on who the best Falcons players of this century have been.

Chris Simms gives his top-five Atlanta Falcons of the 21st century, minus quarterbacks

Chris Simms has made a name for himself in the media world following his disappointing NFL career that largely consisted of him playing for one of the rivals of the Atlanta Falcons—the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Simms works for NBC Sports and appears on 'Pro Football Talk' while also hosting his own podcast.

He has gone through each team to name the best non-quarterbacks for each team during the 21st century. His section on the Falcons required some debating between Simms and his co-host Ahmed Fareed on who should follow Julio Jones on the rankings.

Obviously, when you can't include Matt Ryan, Julio Jones is easily the best player of this century and likely the best Falcons player ever. His dominance during his prime was unrivaled and he should make the Pro Football Hall of Fame as soon as he is eligible.

Past Julio, there are some worthy debates. As they mentioned, Roddy White is a really strong candidate, Michael Turner dominated for some time, John Abraham was a total monster, Keith Brooking has always been underrated, and Grady Jarrett continues to plead his case every single year.

However, they threw Tony Gonzalez's name out the window a little too quickly. Yes, he spent the majority of his career in Kansas City but he made a huge impact on the Falcons—including a team that should have made the Super Bowl.

Tony even said it himself, playing for the Falcons made his career.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with any of those players that were mentioned. They all had their own unique impact on the Atlanta Falcons and will always be remembered.

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