New kick-off rule will help this Atlanta Falcons comeback bid

Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals
Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Aside from the new Atlanta Falcons addition, Ray-Ray McCloud one current Falcon is impacted by the new kick-off rule. Avery Williams is a player whose development was halted by a season-ending injury early last year. Williams was out the entire 2023 season after taking impressive steps forward the previous year.

With Cordarrelle Patterson gone the Falcons need depth with the new kick-off rule in place. If you haven't seen the XFL kick-off it sets the league up for far more explosive returns. While the play is going to look very odd at first it has the chance to change the league for the better.

Aside from the obvious of bringing the play back to relevance you have increased jobs. Career special teamers will once again be at a premium. Having guys that are able to see the returner and jump the gap could determine a lot of games this season.

One could argue that this makes the signing of KhaDarel Hodge look impressive. Hodge has immense value in a special teams role and while he is no longer a big part of the offense still has value to this roster.

The same can be said of Avery Williams who along with McCloud will now be Atlanta's top option to return kicks. Williams is explosive with the ball in his hands and has the ability to play running back and corner in a pinch.

His ability to be a great return option while backing up positions on both sides of the ball makes him invaluable. Even if the Falcons were to add corners or a third back having Williams on the roster as an emergency option as well as a great return man carries a lot of value.

This new kick-off could change who has success running the ball back but Williams has that quick burst and ability to make a cut that should work best with this play.

It will be interesting to watch the play practiced and utilized early in camp and the preseason. It should have a much deeper roster impact than many expect. For the Falcons, this means Avery Williams' place on this team should be cemented heading into the 2024 season.