NFL's horrendous overturn of Falcons touchdown should not be lost in win

Despite the Atlanta Falcons coming out on top in week two, attention should be put on the NFL's inexplicable decision to overturn the Mack Hollins touchdown
Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Often times there are bad calls made on the winning team that gets lost in the shuffle. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons were robbed of a potential game-winning drive because of Jerome Boger's decision to pull the yellow flag on a critical third-down sack, which was not one of those scenarios.

This year, thankfully, that did end up happening with the Falcons getting screwed over by the NFL. However, this should not be swept under the rug even after a win.

The Atlanta Falcons deserve an apology from the NFL after horrendous overturned TD

I don't think I was the only one laughing in disbelief when the announcement was made that the Atlanta Falcons didn't score six points after an unbelievable Desmond Ridder throw and an incredible catch by Mack Hollins.

I am honestly still sitting here not knowing what to say—it was that bad.

The NFL claims that there has to be "clear and convincing evidence" for calls to be overturned after replay. Apparently, though, that is only sometimes because they threw that out the window in order to overturn that call.

We can't keep doing this back-and-forth thing where one play is clear and convincing while another isn't, yet they both have the same amount of proof. In Sunday's game, the ref called it a touchdown and there was nothing that convinced anyone that it should be overturned, except a few select people.

I also hate the whole "clear and convincing evidence" phrase because what does that even mean? That is a statement that could look different to everyone. We saw that when defensive pass interference became challengeable for a season.

Heck, as fans we all have those times where something is clear and convincing one way or another depending on which team you root for.

I usually don't like being the conspiracy theorist but tell me one thing, if that had been Green Bay making the catch in the back of the endzone do you think they would overturn it?

Thankfully, this Falcons team has the grit that they have because this would have been an even bigger deal if they had lost. I don't know that many of us could handle another Grady Jarrett sacking Tom Brady fiasco again.