One big strength for every Atlanta Falcons draft pick

Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
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Michael Penix Jr. - Potential QB stability

While this isn't an exact trait it does speak to Michael's ability and his potential impact on the team going forward. The vast majority of the criticism that the Falcons are facing is about the position and not the player. With that said, Penix Jr. does give the Falcons a chance to spend the next decade with stability in the position.

If Kirk Cousins can play at a high level for 2-3 years and Penix is the player he is expected to be this move will age very well. However, you have to make it that far as a front office first. Something that Fontenot should be slightly nervous about with Raheem Morris not playing a part in the struggles that have held Atlanta back the last three seasons.

Ruke Orhorhoro- Will have a day one impact on the defensive line

This move has been criticized as well as a potential reach for Atlanta. Ignore that and trading a draft pick to move up and focus only on the player himself. Watching the tape it is clear that Ruke is going to focus on a defense that is going to get creative to bring the pressure.

That means a lot of stunts and movement along the line and Orhorhoro fits that scheme perfectly. This pick is going to age well and allow the rookie to benefit from learning alongside David Onyemata and Grady Jarrett.