PFF highlights the Atlanta Falcons' top three players in 2024

Two players who are the best at their position and a newcomer make up the list of the top Atlanta Falcons, according to PFF.
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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Who are the three best players for the Atlanta Falcons right now? The list for most fans will have the same two names atop the list but then things become debatable.

For Pro Football Focus, their opinion is that the top free agent signing of the offseason is the third-best player on the team. They listed quarterback Kirk Cousins behind offensive guard Chris Lindstrom and safety Jessie Bates III.

As I previously mentioned, there isn't much debate that Lindstrom and Bates are the two best players on the team. You can even make a strong argument that they are the best at their respective positions—that was true last season.

What about the third choice? You can't argue with Kirk Cousins after what he did for the Vikings last season. He was on his way to be in the running for MVP if he hadn't been injured.

PFF also had A.J. Terrell as an honorable mention, along with Calais Campbell, which makes no sense. The title of the article was "Every NFL team's top three players entering the 2024 season" and Campbell isn't on the roster. We will just ignore that.

Who is the third best player on the Atlanta Falcons?

Every fan is going to have their own opinion and view. Are we basing this off what a player has already accomplished? What a player could become? There are so many different factors.

Kirk Cousins is the choice for 'what a player has already accomplished.' He has been one of the most steady players in the NFL at the most important position.

However, one could argue that the third player on the list should be A.J. Terrell or Bijan Robinson. Terrell has had a fantastic career thus far and is only getting better, while Robinson was the team's best skill player last year and has the potential to be the best at his position this season.

Ultimately, only time will tell. We can only hope we are debating ten players when asking this question a year from now.

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