Power Ranking the Atlanta Falcons' 2023 opponents

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Lance King/GettyImages
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Power rankings each of the 14 opponents of the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

We have known who the Atlanta Falcons would play in 2023 since the end of the 2022 season. It quickly became apparent that the Falcons would have a favorable schedule because of all the teams they are slated to play who aren't projected to be very good.

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They play all sorts of teams who will either be starting average quarterbacks, at best, or rookie quarterbacks.

While "strength of schedule" isn't the best thing to look at due to this being a league that has high turnover, it is still obvious that the Falcons should still be favored in many of the games they play—there are a lot of lacking rosters.

There are a few teams who did not have the best year last year and who should be much improved in 2023 and in these power rankings, those are some of the teams at the top, which says a lot. There are only a couple of opponents on the Falcons' schedule that were good last year. Only three of them even made the playoffs and that is counting the Buccaneers who weren't even good.