Predicting the Atlanta Falcons defensive depth chart following the draft

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Atlanta Falcons defensive depth chart: Linebackers (4)

  1. Troy Andersen
  2. Kaden Elliss (FA signing)
  3. Mykal Walker
  4. Mike Jones Jr. (UDFA)

Troy Andersen is stepping into a big role in his sophomore season. While Kaden Elliss will be his counterpart, Elliss will be used as an edge rusher as well. That also means Mykal Walker will have to step up as well after a really disappointing season last year that saw him on the bench late.

Outside of Elliss, this position, much like edge rusher, needs to develop and improve or else they will be in for a rocky ride.

Mike Jones Jr. is a sleeper at the position. He is another undrafted free agent who can do a lot of things. In some ways he is very similar to Kaden Elliss, he can line up as an edge rusher or be an off-ball LB. He has talent and could prove to be a solid UDFA signing out of LSU.