Raheem Morris might have revealed the Falcons plan at quarterback before free agency

Raheem Morris has not been shy about the Atlanta Falcons quarterback position, to a point where we now know his ultimate plan.

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We have all appreciated the openness that new Atlanta Falcons head coach Raheem Morris has had. He has not shied away from what held this team back last year and where they are moving forward.

Morris has been more than vocal about the quarterback position and what he is looking for. When you put all of his comments together his target becomes obvious, he is going after the top free-agent quarterback next week.

The Atlanta Falcons are targeting one quarterback—evidence coming from HC Raheem Morris' mouth

Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford—who are coincidentally best friends—have been the two quarterbacks Raheem Morris has been around over the past decade. Those two incredible passers have helped to guide the Falcons and Rams to NFC Championships, and, in the case of Stafford, a Super Bowl victory.

From his first press conference as head coach of the Falcons, Raheem Morris mentioned those two players and how they are exactly what he wants when filling the position in Atlanta.

Morris would go on to say that he believes this team is ready to win right now. He doesn't believe this is an 'Arthur Smith, Terry Fontenot three-year plan' as we heard three years ago, he believes that plan succeeded in creating the foundation and now he needs to put it all together with a quarterback.

QB-less teams who are in win-now mode don't look to find a quarterback in the draft, they look to add one who has already established himself in the league. Think about the Rams before they traded for Matt Stafford, they knew they had a talented defense and talented playmakers on offense. They believed that bringing in an established veteran like Matt Stafford would put them over the top—and it certainly did.

The Atlanta Falcons are going after Kirk Cousins.


This Falcons team is in an almost identical situation as Raheem Morris and the Rams were in 2020—they believe they just need a veteran quarterback. Kirk Cousins, if healthy, is one of the best and can glue the Falcons together.

The answer has been right in our face—get ready for the Falcons to sign Kirk Cousins to a substantial contract next week. The only thing that can stop this is the Minnesota Vikings.

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